Hahn Warrior Weekend Submission Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi and No Gi Tournament.
This is submission only event in Arnold, MO (Right Outside of St. Louis). All affiliations are welcome!  Please Note: Submission only gives you the competitor an advantage in a tournament meaning you won't lose to points. There is no advantage points calculated for positions or moves. This is a submission only tournament.  If the submission is not obtained during the allotted time period the match will go in overtime. (Please see overtime)

This is Gi and No-Gi Tournament. Competitors can register for either division or both for only $60 and $10 for additional divisions. Weigh ins ins start at 8 am - 9 am. Competitors who arrive after 9am to weigh in will be disqualified.  Awards are available for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place competitors. All rules for all age groups apply to Gi and No-Gi divisions.  (Please see gi and no gi divisions) Tournament starts at 10 am.

Weigh ins
Weigh  Ins! Weights start Saturday Morning at 8 am on the event day. Please show up on time! Competitors are expected to make the weight they register for.  (Please scroll down to weight classes) All competitors can weigh in using the competitors attire (Gi, Spats, Rashguard, etc). You will weigh in once for every division you plan on entering. 

For weigh ins we allow all competitors a 1 pound allowance weighing in wearing whatever they are competing in, gi or no-gi attire. If you miss weight and it is applicable, you will be moved to new weight class at the appropriate weight.  If there are no competitors in your division you will be notified and will be moved to a different weight class. If you know you are not going to make weight please email Hahn Warrior Weekend Staff at info@hahnextremefitness.com ASAP! 

Safety and Medical
 The safety of our competitors is  our top priority! We will have a medical doctor present during the time of the competition. 

Skin Infections (ringworm, herpes, impetigo, rashes) will not be tolerated and will RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION! Please do not bring infections to the mats for the health and safety of other competitors.

The safety of our competitors is our top priority. Any fighting on the Hahn Extreme Fitness and Martial arts center LLP property inside the facility and including the parking lot will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification and ejection for all competitors and guests.
While a match is going on and a infraction or illegal move occurs the match will stop and the perpetrator of the infraction will be reminded of the rules and the match will then reset. If the illegal move occurs again that is grounds for immediate disqualification for the rest of the tournament.  

Verbal and Physical tapping together proved the referee and your opponent with the desire of the match to STOP! Keeping in line with the safety of each  our competitors, If you are in a submission and in PAIN please stop the match, physically with a tap on the mat or tap on your opponent; or verbally with "TAP" It is better to tap out then to have a serious injury!

Illegal Actions
Illegal actions include: Toe locks, Finger locks, covering opponent's mouth,  fish hooking (hooking opponent's mouth with fingers) eye scratching, and Slamming of any kind!

Gi and No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Tournament September 30th, 2017! All Affiliations Welcome!